The spot market, volatile diesel prices, freight volumes and capacity all are factors that are making 2020 an interesting year. How can sales and marketing drive business success when considering these factors? TMSA’s CEO Brian Everett will host an interactive fireside chat with marketing and sales leaders to answer this question and more. Using TMSA’s 2020 Marketing & Sales Metrics Study, which highlights responses of a survey of sales and marketing leaders in the transportation and logistics industry, this conversation will provide insights on the following:

  • How dramatic changes in the buyer’s journey and the quest for a solid Customer Experience (CX) are shifting marketing and sales practices in this industry.
  • Emerging trends and best practices in the industry's marketing and sales organizations, including the use of technology, digital marketing, lead generation, sales strategy, and outsourcing/talent sourcing.
  • Practical tips on how to make a meaningful impact on your sales and marketing – particularly in a challenging business climate of transportation and logistics.  

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Facilitated by Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association. Panelists to be announced shortly.