Prospecting is one of the key stages of the sales process. Yet it is also one of the more difficult ones. In fact, in a recent study 42% of sales pros named prospecting as the most challenging stage of the sale process. But without a sales pipeline full of good quality leads, no other new sales are going to happen. That’s why it’s crucial to understand that prospecting kick-starts the entire sale and determines, to a great extent, whether or not the deal is going to be sealed. This sales development workshop will focus on several methods for improving your sales prospecting methods, skills and processes, including:

  1. Best methods for prospecting in most worlds today
  2. Digital Prospecting Strategies
  3. How to Leverage LinkedIn to grow sales through Introductions
  4. Develop a Systemic approach to prospecting rather than an Emotional approach
  5. Common pitfalls to avoid when prospecting
  6. Building out your 30 second commercial to sound different than everyone else.
  7. How to develop a prospecting strategy that creates self-accountability.


  • Ken-GuestBW

    Ken Guest

    Chief Revenue Officer
    Sandler Training at The Ruby Group

    Ken Guest is Chief Revenue Officer of Sandler Training at The Ruby Group. Guest has 25-plus years’ experience in business consulting, including recruiting, training, sales, and sales management  with tangible and intangible products of varying degrees.  Guest developed an interest in executive coaching and sales training when he was a student of the Sandler system. He saw a dramatic improvement in his own sales and  when running a sales force for a company, he saw equally  dramatic improvement with his sales people. His favorite  part of working as a trainer/coach for The Ruby Group, LLC is the satisfaction of seeing companies improve and  reach their goals as a result of working with him and the  Sandler Training methods. While Guest does not consider  himself to be motivational, improved performance and job satisfaction tend to create the continued motivation in his clients, and he enjoys the benefit of seeing this. Guest’s enthusiasm, infectious positive attitude and excellent  communication skills have earned him a reputation that many would envy.