After a year dominated by choiceless change and our ability to pivot at a moment’s notice, we’ve come to learn that change doesn’t have to be scary when appropriately framed. We channeled our energy into adjusting: Enhanced reliance on technology and modified work environments highlighted opportunities to create efficiencies and presented opportunities to create efficiencies and presented opportunities for all of us to support businesses in new ways. How do we channel this momentum to drive positive change within our organizations, and what are ways to navigate external challenges while continuing to drive growth for our companies?


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    Eileen Curran

    Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications
    Odyssey Logistics & Technology

    Eileen Curran has spent two decades in industrial marketing developing strategies focused on generating sales through innovative marketing technologies and processes. She prides herself on team building and works across her dynamic organization to unify marketing and communications with sales to strengthen branding and drive growth.