Beyond the Pivot: The Four Investments Smart Teams Are Using to Build the New Future

For months, the word “pivot” was the most popular word in the virtual halls of every successful company. The best companies will look beyond the pivot and will lean into four different investments. They’ll double down on Skills, Character, Relationships and Hustle in intentional ways that bring clarity to chaos. Learn More

Changing the Game: A New Era for the Driver Shortage

Our goal is to move freight. To move freight we need drivers. To get drivers we. . .? Why don't we have a simple answer for this? Tune in as Randall-Reilly shares the principle driving the current trends of recruiting success. That same principle will drive success in the future evolutions of our industry. Learn More

Learn the Fundamentals: Transportation 101

Transportation 101 gives a one-hour industry overview to professionals who need to quickly and efficiently build their knowledge of the transportation and logistics marketplace. Attend this session to dramatically accelerate your understanding of the industry. Learn More

How to Better Assess a Prospect’s Needs to Neutralize the “Cost Consideration”

Understanding the financial profiles of your prospects can be a critical aspect to effectively positioning your sale – especially in a commoditized market. Taking the time to understand their business and provide meaningful value is the best way to build credibility and neutralize the “cost consideration.” Learn More

Living on the Edge: Emerging Social Media Channels for Logistics Thought Leaders

Ready or not, 2020 was a huge year for digital transformation in the logistics and transportation industry. For marketing and sales, the sudden shift from in-person, event-driven networking to virtual brand discovery may have meant a hit to carefully crafted strategies, but for early adopters it was an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you're ready to get back into it, or have a new-found desire to stay on top of emerging trends, this is the session for you. Learn More

Conversations with Strangers: How Redwood Logistics Elevates It's Brand Through Media Relations

Learn how to 7x your media coverage, tactical advice on expanding your brand influence while driving leads through proactive thought leadership and disciplined media relations, and more. Learn More

Elevate Your Customer Strategy: Taking Your Relationships to the Next Level

Your customer strategy should evolve as your organization and the market shifts. The past year has been full of changes, but have you made the necessary adjustments to be productive, effective, and successful? Learn More

The New Video Marketing Landscape: A Primer for Transportation and Logistics

Video marketing is now a hyper-competitive space, and best practices are changing from year to year. Learn about the most current trends specific to the landscape of video marketing in the transportation and logistics industry. Learn More

On The Rise: Raising Emotional Intelligence in Communication

Raise your level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in communication by understanding DiSC personality styles and recognizing common triggers that keep your team from reaching the top. Learn More

Performance Marketing: Proven Tips to Get More Leads in an Increasingly Crowded Space

Join Aaron Craddock, CEO of Craddock Holdings, a hyper-growth startup in the transportation industry, as he provides practical tips you can apply to generate qualified leads for your business, while also providing a unique perspective on the importance of the right mindset to adapt and not get left behind. Learn More

Catastrophic Failure: Why We Can’t Innovate

Why do growth and innovation programs fail at such an incredible rate? And are logistics and transportation companies at more risk than others? Learn why our best practices are having so little impact and leaving us vulnerable to disruption, and what to do about it. Learn More



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Logistics Industry

Join us for a coffee chat with the industry’s leading experts on diversity and inclusion as they explore topics such as the definition of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI as a proven business strategy, examples of DEI strategies and practices in logistics and transportation, and how to spot and overcome biases. Learn More

Building and Enacting a Sales Prospecting Plan

Every successful sales strategy has a well-defined prospecting plan so that you understand who your target prospects are, the different ways you can prospect (including social media), and how to deploy such a successful plan. During this session, learn how to build out a structured plan, incorporate different prospecting elements that must be included, and structure your 30-second commercial for success. Learn More

How Do I Hire More Drivers? Best Practices in Driver Recruiting During the Current Driver Shortage

Get insights into the challenges of the driver recruiting market. Experts will offer best practices, informative real-world data, and case studies from successful driver recruiting campaigns that can help you to grow your driver headcount against all odds. Learn More

Do All Logistics Companies Look the Same?

Examine the mistakes logistics businesses make when formulating a marketing strategy and see first-hand examples of companies that are getting it right, and getting it wrong when it comes to marketing strategy. Learn More

Embrace Technology to be Prepared for the Next 5 Years

Learn about the latest trends in technology, how they are shifting the way business is done in transportation, see real-life supply chains that are being disrupted with each technology, and how you need to innovate and adapt to ride the new wave of technology. Learn More

Coming Out on the Other Side of Chaos: Practical Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tech and Business Processes after a Quick Shift

2021 continues to present a new landscape of challenges and potential opportunities. In this session, take a dive into identifying what you've learned – both good and bad – about your business processes and technology and find how to move forward. Learn More

Write Killer Content in 1 Hour or Less

If you really only had one hour, what content could you create? How would you do it. And could it be considered “killer?” Get answers to these questions and make it your reality in this session, where you’ll learn fast, savvy and smart tricks of the trade to quickly develop powerful, relevant content. Learn More

The Digital Advertising Equation: Formulating Strategy to Recruit Drivers & Grow Your Business

Examine the latest data and trends relating to how carriers are implementing innovative digital and social media strategies targeting drivers in today’s challenging market. Learn More

Closing Keynote: Change Isn’t A Choice

After a year dominated by choiceless change and our ability to pivot at a moment’s notice, we’ve come to learn that change doesn’t have to be scary when appropriately framed. How do we channel this momentum to drive positive change within our organizations, and what are ways to navigate external challenges while continuing to drive growth for our companies? Learn More



Workshop: How to Make Google Love You

Learn the intricacies of how to “court” and “win the heart” of Google through identifying and researching keywords; integrating algorithms into copy editing; working hands-on in WordPress and Hubspot; creating a strategy for use of landing pages and microsites; and uilding dynamic paid ad campaigns that generate real leads. Learn More

Workshop: Tools and Techniques You Need to Boost Your Efficiency and Succeed as a One-Person (and Small) Marketing Team

Some of the biggest challenges of a one-person (or small) marketing team in transportation and logistics is lack of time, resources, and capabilities. Learn how to make the most of what you have - gaining efficiency and getting more done with less. Learn More

Workshop: No More Price Wars - The Secret to Selling Value

The transportation industry is crowded. It’s filled with a ton of companies all saying the same thing: “We can offer you better rates or better service.” If you find yourself competing on price more than you’d like, you need to develop a stronger value proposition. One that speaks to real customer issues and shows positive impact. Attend this workshop to learn how to do just that. Learn More