In the meantime, see what topics we covered in 2020:


The Future is Now: Innovation, Customer-Centricity in Today’s Market

More sophisticated supply chain requirements, complicated changes in a competitive market, and rapid advancements in technology are just a few factors driving changes in transportation and logistics. As Chief Commercial Officer of C.H. Robinson, one of the world’s largest logistics leaders, Christopher O’Brien shares his perspectives on why it’s critical to be flexible, innovative, and resourceful to be successful in this industry.  Learn More.

SEO Is Dead…Again? A Look At Modern SEO

Success in SEO has fundamentally changed. The monotony of simply cranking out new content until you die isn’t how you’re going to win the game. Today’s search is much more than a race for keywords; it’s a psychological understanding of user needs, buyer funnels and machine learning wrapped into the enigma of secret-laded algorithms. Modern search isn’t even confined to a screen, with the words you say and the actions you undertake replacing the need for a typed phrase, how does your brand surface in a world where AI and predictive modeling sets a user up for content even before they request it? Come find out. Learn More.

Future-Proofing Your Strategy: A Winning Approach for Uncertain Times

Does your strategy feel out of date as soon as it's done? In times of rapid change you need a clear strategy more than ever, but also one that you can adjust as needed. Let your strategy work for you, not against you, as our industry evolves! Sara Black and Holly LaBoda, Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, will show you how during this session. Learn More.

Zap the Gap: Generational Differences Reexamined

For the first time in history, five distinct generations Traditionals, Boomers, Xers, Millennials and iGen (aka, linksters) are working side by side. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views on how the workplace should function, these generations can stir up conflict, turnover, the lack of engagement, and frustration. Meagan Johnson teaches how each can communicate and work together in an effort to have a more positive productive workplace. Learn More.

Maximizing ROI on Video

85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, and the reason is clear. Recent statistics show that video roughly doubles the success rate of any given sales and marketing effort. But there are best practices in video budget allocation which every serious business should know about. Studio Los Feliz has guided major international brands through the use of video, such as Daimler, L'Oréal, and Samuel Adams. And now we want to help you, too! Learn more.

Mindful Performance in Uncertain Times

A recent workplace mental health survey showed that 7 out of 10 employees consider 2020 to be the most stressful time of their career. In this presentation, Dennis Buttimer will use didactic and experiential elements so that participants will be able to immediately apply ideas and tools to reduce stress and enhance their productivity, and learn how both leaders and employees can feel their best and perform at their best. Learn More.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing & Sales

Artificial intelligence has reached peak hype stage, but is it possible that its potential to transform marketing, and your career, is even greater than advertised? Mike Kaput, Director of the Marketing AI Institute, will go beyond the splashy headlines to explore a framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for every marketer and sales professional. This session presents a collection of use cases and technologies to make your marketing more (artificially) intelligent.  Learn More.

One-Person Marketing Team? Be a Jack of All Trades and Look Like a Master of All

Being a small marketing team –especially a solo one – is challenging. You want to test out and tackle all the cool marketing things you learn about at conferences and see on every trending article you read, but you are often left feeling like you’re stuck in molasses. You are not alone. And good news, there are some great resources out there to help you get unstuck. Attend this session to take a deep dive into befriending technology, time management and targeting. Learn More.

Virtual Sales – The New Normal

Selling is now and will forever be different! This session will share best practices for selling from home, the importance of pre-call preparation, tips to engage in sales conversations versus sales presentations, how to sell value versus price as well as how to create a sense of urgency with the risk-averse/cautious buyer. Learn More.

The Virtual Modern Workforce: How to Influence and Collaborate Like Never Before

Whether you’re meeting with the CEO to gain buy in for a new idea or you’re closing a big new client, the way you do it in the COVID-19 world is materially different -- now and very possibly, forever. Professionals in nearly every role must influence and collaborate with others in socially distanced ways, and in most cases, ways that are now 100% virtual. This has a profound  impact to interpersonal skills, communication savvy, and the “human factor’ unlike anything we have seen before. Whether it’s a client, your boss or an employee, how you engage, motivate and influence others must adapt or you’ll get left behind. Learn More.

Influencers and Advocates in the Trucking Industry: Recruit, Sell and Attract with Authentic Content

Influencer marketing is quite the buzz word, but does it apply to the transportation and logistics industry? In this session, learn from real life case studies where content from trucking influencers and advocates directly impacted driver recruitment, app downloads, social community growth and even sales lead generation. Learn More.

What Logistics Buyers Say: How to Get and Keep Their Attention

Learn how to best get and keep the attention of logistics buyers, what strategies and tactics to pursue to ensure a buyer response, and what strategies and tactics NOT to use that will instantly turn them off. Hear from industry expert, Jim Bierfeldt, president of Logistics Marketing Advisors, an agency that focuses exclusively on providing marketing strategy and services to logistics businesses. Learn More.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Native Digital Marketing

Learn strategies to create valuable content across platforms, how to use native ads in places where trust has been established, and understand the rules of disclosure and transparency. Learn More.

2020 TMSA Marketing & Sales Metrics Study: 5 Tips to Improve Your Strategy

The spot market, volatile diesel prices, freight volumes and capacity all are factors that are making 2020 an interesting year. How can sales and marketing drive business success when considering these factors? TMSA’s CEO Brian Everett will host an interactive fireside chat with marketing and sales leaders to answer this question and more. He will reference TMSA’s 2020 Marketing & Sales Metrics Study, which highlights responses of a survey of sales and marketing leaders in the transportation and logistics industry. Learn More.

Value Shift: How Smart Customer Engagement Drives Revenue in the New Reality

Customer-centricity has always been important. Understanding interests, needs, and behavior is essential for acquiring, retaining, and growing customers. However, recent events have underscored the need for the Transportation industry to adopt a more expansive understanding of what creates value for customers. By recognizing that there’s a shift from supply chain to value chain, the efforts of Sales and Marketing will become more effective and more valuable. Learn more.

Social Selling: Is it the Latest and Greatest for Finding New Business

Come hear Ken Guest, Partner/Owner, Sandler Training at the Ruby Group, discuss exactly what is Social Selling, how to leverage its power, how to use it to not only find the right prospects, but how to leverage it for referrals and introductions, what talk tracks to use and even touch on how to improve your social selling presence. Learn More.

Follow a Sales Process for Profitable Growth

Following a defined sales process assures consistency in following sales leads to close and achieve profitable growth. Sri Chakravarty, VP of Sales Operations for Mohawk Industries, shares why a sales process is necessary, and how to use it to align within the company and achieve profitable growth. Learn More.


LinkedIn, Driving Transportation & Logistics Innovation in the Digital Age

We live in an era defined by disruptive technologies that are transforming both consumer and business norms. Old professional paradigms are fading, and new innovative ones are emerging. As an industry that fuels every other type of company imaginable, why has Transportation been so slow to adapt? Because most transportation companies point to service and relationships as their competitive edge, it is difficult to differentiate without embracing digital. Many firms are unsure where to begin. Come hear Rachel Steinberg, Sales Leader, LinkedIn at LinkedIn, share real data on how industry leaders and your customers are leveraging LinkedIn today, and how LinkedIn is uniquely set up to demonstrate ROI for both sales and marketing functions. Learn More.

Best and Most Modern Practices for Phenomenal Video Development

During this entertaining sessions you will hear about maximizing the impact of video in your strategic marketing plan. You will also gain insight on where to start when considering video, what to include in your content, and how to publish it so give you the best opportunity for success. Learn More.

Differentiate to De-Commoditize: Succeeding in the Next Decade

The transportation ecosystem is incredibly commoditized, and the transformation to a customer-centric organization is the only way companies will differentiate and thrive in the next decade. There is a clear opportunity to further disrupt the industry, accelerate customer experience and bring real advantages to the shipper. Justin Bailie, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Rose Rocket, will outline the steps necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience and provide tangible solutions to enable sales and marketing executives to propel their organizations into a future-ready state. Learn More.