Justin Bailie, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Rose Rocket, a transportation management software (TMS) provider, will leverage his deep expertise in the trucking and technology sector to discuss the burning need to modernize the trucking industry. The transportation ecosystem is incredibly commoditized, and the transformation to a customer-centric organization is the only way companies will differentiate and thrive in the next decade. There is a clear opportunity to further disrupt the industry, accelerate customer experience and bring real advantages to the shipper.

Justin will outline the steps necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience and provide tangible solutions to enable sales and marketing executives to propel their organizations into a future-ready state.

Tomorrow’s transportation providers need to:

  • Become specialized and branded: These companies need to be differentiated through niche and specialized services, and each will have their own brand. This way they can be deliberate in what they stand for, and what they offer to their customers aside from moving goods from point A to point B.
  • Think like a software company: Software companies move quickly, have digitized internal and external processes, and have connected data. Today’s trucking companies need to start connecting their systems, and have their data interconnected to allow for optimization and agility.
  • Offer omni-channel communications: Organizations have to be where the customers want to be, and communicate how customers want to communicate. The future workforce will not want to communicate on phones, and they are familiar with chat. It is critical to prepare for these changes by using an omni-channel approach.


Presented by:


Justin Bailie, Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Rocket

Justin Bailie is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Toronto-based freight tech company Rose Rocket. Bailie and his team build modern enterprise-grade software that helps transportation companies improve communications with systems, customers, and the people who move freight. Bailie is recognized as a subject matter expert in the logistics industry, having contributed to over 30 national and international publications, including: INC magazine, Huffington Post, and the Globe and Mail. Bailie spends his time between helping manage Rose Rocket, consulting with businesses on modernization and systems, marketing to the millennial economy, and keeping up with the current state of sales. Bailie is also a published author, keynote speaker, and father of four.