Ready or not, 2020 was a huge year for digital transformation in the logistics and transportation industry. For marketing and sales, the sudden shift from in-person, event-driven networking to virtual brand discovery may have meant a hit to carefully crafted strategies, but for early adopters it was an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you're ready to get back into it, or have a new-found desire to stay on top of emerging trends, this is the session for you. This session will cover:

  • Social video, podcasts and live streams have brought new life to LinkedIn and YouTube (but will they live on post-pandemic?)
  • Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit, Clubhouse and more! Truck drivers are early adopters of social media, but logistics leaders are lagging behind. Should your brand chase trends? We'll discuss trending, new and emerging platforms, how to evaluate new opportunities, and how to fit them into your strategy
  • Getting buy-in from the boss. Does your leadership team think Tik Tok is for teenagers? We'll break down some tools for selling your new strategy internally when you do decide to make the leap.
  • Learn what early adopters are doing in transportation and logistics marketing and understand content trends and demographics/usage of new channels
  • Develop strategies for evaluating and adopting new platforms in a marketing strategy


  • Michelle LeBlanc BW 700

    Michelle LeBlanc

    Drop & Hook

    Michelle LeBlanc is the founder of Drop & Hook, a fully remote content marketing and social media agency specifically built to support transportation and logistics businesses. She has been leading social media and content marketing projects for more than a decade, counseling c-level leaders at Fortune 1000 firms and shepherding fledgling brands to launch. Previously she worked at marketing agencies Fuseideas and Industrium (formerly Kemp Goldberg Partners), leading social media, email, content, and inbound marketing efforts, and held social media strategy roles at advertising firm KBS+, and at IIR USA, a marketing event firm.