One of the most crucial skills a salesperson can have is understanding the needs of a prospect. Your ability to turn every prospect’s problem into a solution – a solution that your product can offer – should be your primary goal. Think back to the last sale you lost due to cost. If you had done your homework, you should have developed a decent understanding of their problems. But ask yourself, in that loss, did you truly grasp the financial impacts behind those challenges and goals?

Understanding the financial profiles of your prospects can be a critical aspect to effectively positioning your sale – especially in a commoditized market. Taking the time to understand their business and provide meaningful value is the best way to build credibility and neutralize the “cost consideration.” Further, it can even justify a premium for your good or service over your competition.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Selling is all about solving customer problems.
  • Learn how to recognize your prospect’s pain points – whether these are current problems or challenges they will face as the marketplace evolves and needs change.
  • Understand their motives behind specific goals and craft a solution to help them get there.
  • Learn how to use case studies to demonstrate clear ROI and long-term strategies that nurture continuing relationships and repeat business.


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    Bobby Larscheid

    Vice President of Sales
    First Financial Material Handling & Automation

    Robert “Bobby” Larscheid is Regional Vice President of Sales at First Financial Material Handling & Automation, an independent provider of equipment leasing solutions for companies acquiring capital equipment and technology. Bobby assists clients with procurement, implementation, and management of capital equipment in diverse industries that include logistics, material handling, robotics, automation, and other complex industries.