We live in an era defined by disruptive technologies that are transforming both consumer and business norms. Old professional paradigms are fading, and new innovative ones are emerging.

As an industry that fuels every other type of company imaginable, why has Transportation been so slow to adapt? Because most transportation companies point to service and relationships as their competitive edge, it is difficult to differentiate without embracing digital. Many firms are unsure where to begin.

But, the most innovative companies in transportation are looking to social media to harness the three key forces unleashed by the Digital Age:

  1. Continuous change in your customers’ needs, priorities, and buying behaviors.
  2. Explosion of information, impacting how often your customers are being influenced, and where and what they are influenced by.
  3. The true ability to measure real ROI and use that data to protect against new disruptive competitors entering the industry.

This session will share real data on how industry leaders and your customers are leveraging LinkedIn today, and how LinkedIn is uniquely set up to demonstrate ROI for both sales and marketing functions.


Presented by Rachel Steinberg, Sales Leader, LinkedIn

Rachel Steinberg has over 13 years of experience in advertising, with the last decade focused on content marketing and digital/social media. In her current role she focuses on nurturing sales talent to enable business growth at scale and has done so for a wide variety of industries including Manufacturing, Transportation and Oil & Gas.