Do you need help getting more sales on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a great platform for building customer relationships, getting to know your target audience, and introducing yourself, your company, your products & services. But most sales people don't use it to its fullest capacity. Let's fix that!

In this session, we'll cover: 

  • Starting with the Basics – Building a Profile for Success. 
  • Connecting your Personal Brand and your Professional Brand. 
  • Building an Audience and Communicating to them – Always Provide Value. 
  • One on One Communication – Starting the Sales Process 

Jim Becker

Jim Becker, CEO, Becker Logistics

Jim Becker is the CEO of Becker Logistics, LLC.  Jim Becker entered the logistic world in 1991 and in 1997 from his kitchen table, Jim started what we fondly know today as Becker Logistics.  He built the company on the founding core values of: Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Safety, Competitiveness, Openness, Respect, and Equal Work Life Balance.  These foundational values combined with his leadership and industry expertise, have allowed Jim to author a great story of mind blowing growth in Becker Logistics; growing the company 10 times (1000%) since 2013. 

Along the way, he has learned to focus on the journey of life rather than solely on whatever goal or endpoint may serve as a destination. He has realized his passion to help the people he encounters to become a better version of themselves—to help them live life without regrets, to feel empowered, and to act with confidence.  Jim is very involved within the logistics community.  He sits on the Executive Advisory Council for McLeod Software and has spoken at McLeod’s Users conference on growing a company with sales and looking at how to scale operations along with the importance of customer service within our industry.  Jim is on the Board along with being on the Education Committee, and past chairman of the hazmat committee of Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).  He is also currently on the Mentor/Mentee committee.