As business operations, the market and the economy become disrupted due to COVID-19 and other unforeseen factors, sales and marketing professionals who live in a ‘future ready’ capacity can create value in unprecedented ways simply because they are acting on that capacity right now.

Whether your business is affected by economic shifts, dynamic customer demand or the rapid advancement of technology, "The Future is NOW" is our rallying call at the 2020 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Virtual Conference.

  • Do you have the vision and innovation your customers, workforce, and key stakeholders are ready to follow?
  • Do you have the competencies, skills and talents you need NOW in order to be ready for the future?
  • Is your long-term plan flexible enough to adjust as what's happening NOW unfolds?
  • Are you ready to take action amidst uncertainty and the unknown?  

Attend TMSA 2020 and find out. Get "Future-Ready" because The Future is Now. 
Business and sales executives are facing extraordinary changes in customer expectations, technology, and the talent need to drive results. Marketing and communications professionals are feeling unprecedented pressure to create, communicate, deliver and exchange dynamic offerings that have value for prospects, customers, partners, and the workforce. Find the practical applications, trusted insights, and real-world solutions that will help you to succeed - all with a particular focus on the unique challenges of the freight transportation and logistics world!