Get ready to rise higher.

In 2020, every one of us in transportation and logistics rose to a new level. Maybe you noticed. More likely you were too busy doing your job to see. That’s what we do in this business. We RISE in the face of changes, challenges and opportunities.

Ten years of evolution were compressed into one — and there’s no going back. Here we are, as companies and an industry, operating at a more essential and impactful level than ever before. Whether you’re at the top of your game or you’ve been beaten down in the last year, Nashville is where you RISE higher.  

What happened? 

You’re not the only one who wants to know. Over the past year, shippers, carriers and logistics service providers took risks and tried new things. They developed new business models and expanded services. They rose to meet the extraordinary needs of their customers, employees and communities. 

The world is awake again.  

As the lights come back on within the global economy, sales is again focused on growth and capturing market share. For marketers, there is a rebirth of strategy in a completely new context. Customer expectations have changed, technology has progressed, and partners across the supply chain have developed an entirely new appreciation for how sales and marketing drive customer value and relationships.

It’s time to RISE to a change in expectations.  

You can’t afford to miss TMSA RISE 2021:

  • Meet with other industry professionals in person to share ideas and experiences with others who speak the language of transportation, logistics, sales and marketing.
  • Surround yourself with the industry’s best experts as you seek new heights after the unprecedented experience we just had.
  • Gain meaningful insight from interactive roundtable discussions, expo, networking activities and more.

We’ve come to a place we’ve never been before.

If you find yourself asking where to go next, you’re not alone. It’s time to feed our momentum at the only industry event made for transportation, logistics, sales and marketing. Hear what your peers have tried and learned, and be inspired by experts for what’s next. RISE to lead your company; RISE to take your performance even higher. 

For decades, TMSA’s annual conference has attracted visionary leaders and industry innovators. Prepare to lift your understanding, your standards and your practices to the next level. Together, we’ve excelled through downturns, upheavals, technology changes, market shifts -- and now, a global pandemic.

With resilience, intelligence, strategy, and excellence, join us as we RISE together in Nashville on October 3-6.