The transportation industry is crowded. It’s filled with a ton of companies all saying the same thing: “We can offer you better rates or better service.” Alone, that’s simply not enough to differentiate your company or compel prospects and customers to connect, engage and act.

If you find yourself competing on price more than you’d like, you need to develop a stronger value proposition. One that speaks to real customer issues and shows positive impact. Attend this workshop to learn how to do just that. After attending this workshop you will be better equipped to:

  • Understand and communicate the value of aligning sales and marketing messaging
  • Create a compelling value proposition that speaks to your customers
  • Develop an application roadmap that’s clear and compelling
  • Walk away with a framework that you can immediately introduce into your organization


  • Holly-LabodaBW

    Holly LaBoda

    Partner & Co-Founder
    Luminaries Consulting

    Holly LaBoda helps logistics companies of all shapes and sizes get, keep, and grow larger customers. As a Partner and Co-Founder of Luminaries Consulting, she loves working with clients to help them achieve their goals. A pragmatic business success partner, she takes a holistic view of an organization’s (or individual’s) current state and future goals, and helps them design practical ways to bridge the gap. She wants to see all her clients get real results, fast.