Being a small marketing team –especially a solo one – is challenging. You want to test out and tackle all the cool marketing things you learn about at conferences and see on every trending article you read, but you are often left feeling like you’re stuck in molasses. You are not alone. And good news, there are some great resources out there to help you get unstuck. Attend this session to take a deep dive into befriending technology, time management and targeting.

  • Learn today’s top technology for time management for marketers.
  • Walk through a successful evergreen content campaign.
  • Embrace the three T's of small marketing teams.


Presented by Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach, Faye Business Systems Group

Jennifer serves as Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach for FayeBSG and as an adjunct professor for Cuyahoga Community College for social media marketing. From journalism to PR to marketing, she has been around the written word for her entire professional life. Previously, she has held roles in the publishing and marketing industries, as well as managing her own content and publishing firm.