While it happened on varying levels for different businesses, 2020 presented new challenges. And 2021 continues to present a new landscape of challenges and potential opportunities. Marketers and sales professionals alike had to pivot quickly and adapt to an ever-changing work environment, especially in this essential industry.

But what happens when we’ve pushed – or were pushed – where we never thought we could go? How do you find the silver lining and take those advancements or changes from inside a crisis and turn them into tangible, better business practices long-term?

Attendees of this session will take a dive into identifying what they learned – both good and bad – about their business processes and technology and find how to move forward. Don’t just keep the piecemeal solutions from inside the chaos, find the viable solutions. Time to rip off the Band-Aid. This session will cover:

  • Why integrated technology is necessary
  • How to combine online and offline efforts
  • The importance of tech security for distributed workforces
  • Employee satisfaction and fulfillment techniques


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    Jennifer Karpus-Romain

    Director of Marketing Services & Industry Outreach

    Jen Karpus-Romain is Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach for FayeBSG. From journalism to PR to marketing, she has been around the written word for her entire professional life. Previously, she has held roles in the publishing and marketing industries, as well as managing her own content and publishing firm.