Success in SEO has fundamentally changed. The monotony of simply cranking out new content until you die isn’t how you’re going to win the game. Today’s search is much more than a race for keywords; it’s a psychological understanding of user needs, buyer funnels and machine learning wrapped into the enigma of secret-laded algorithms. Modern search isn’t even confined to a screen, with the words you say and the actions you undertake replacing the need for a typed phrase, how does your brand surface in a world where AI and predictive modeling sets a user up for content even before they request it? Come find out.


Presented by John Daters, Vice President of Technical & Creative Services, SyncShow

John Daters is the Vice President of Technical & Creative Services at SyncShow. With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, John has worked in nearly every aspect of digital. He is responsible for directing the strategic oversight of designers, content creators, developers, and all tactical experts within SyncShow’s digital space.