Come hear Ken Guest, Partner/Owner, Sandler Training at the Ruby Group, discuss exactly what is Social Selling, how to leverage its power, how to use it to not only find the right prospects, but how to leverage it for referrals and introductions, what talk tracks to use and even touch on how to improve your social selling presence.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to improve and leverage your social presence.
  • How to leverage its power to get referrals and introductions
  • Talk tracks on exactly what to say to prospects to improve hit ratio, and what cadence of follow up to use


Presented by Ken Guest, Partner/Owner, Sandler Training at the Ruby Group

Ken Guest developed an interest in executive coaching and sales training when he was a student of the Sandler system. He saw a dramatic improvement in his own sales and when running a sales force for a company, he saw an equally dramatic improvement with his salespeople.

His favorite part of working as a trainer/coach for The Ruby Group is the satisfaction of seeing companies improve and reach their goals as a result of working with him and the Sandler Training methods. While Ken does not consider himself to be motivational, improved performance, and job satisfaction tend to create the continued motivation in his clients, and he enjoys the benefit of seeing this.