Is native advertising part of your overall marketing strategy? In this session, digital media strategist Erika Dawkins will walk you through the pros and cons of native digital marketing and how to best leverage it to achieve your business goals.

  • Learn strategies to create valuable content across platforms.
  • Learn how to use native ads in places where trust has been established.
  • Understand the rules of disclosure and transparency.

Erika DawkinsBW

Presented by Erika Dawkins, Digital Media Strategist, It's Only Write Communication

Erika Dawkins is the Director of Public Relations for Columbia College and Founder of It's Only Write Communications, bringing over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the ever changing world of communications and marketing. Erika works to assist organizations with their social media, public relations, content and marketing strategies to attract customers, convert leads, and build brand recognition.

Erika is a speaker, professor and author of two books, with her third Your Communication Masterplan launching this summer. She is laser focused on helping businesses understand how to recognize and communicate with their audiences.