Looking for effective sales training that generates business results specific to transportation and logistics?

What Are Your Training Needs?

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TMSA offers many sales training programs based upon your unique training needs. Delivered by experienced training specialists within the TMSA Affiliate Network, this on-demand program will provide you with the ability to build your sales skills in the dramatically changed sales environment created by the COVID-19 crisis, and will challenge you to rethink your current sales strategy and process to generate results.

Logistics Sales Academy: “Accelerating Virtual Sales Success”

What will you learn?

In this on-demand dynamic course, you'll learn to leverage virtual selling techniques to connect with prospects and customers, build deeper relationships, advance opportunities through the pipeline, and close sales.

Whether by necessity or choice, virtual selling has become more and more prevalent in our industry. Adoption has been further accelerated by the global coronavirus pandemic. To remain relevant and competitive, salespeople, account managers, and leaders must shift the way they were engaging prospects and customers.

This on-demand learning mimics a classroom feel, on your own time, with video and presentation content, practice, discussion, downloadable tools, application assignments and 1:1 facilitator feedback. By actively participating in this 6 week course, through approximately 12 hours of learning, participants will:

  • Identify where your logistics prospects are in the buying process and meet them there
  • Create an entrance strategy that leverages virtual resources
  • Gain access to decision makers (from the trans manager to the C-suite)
  • Build real relationships virtually
  • Communicate a compelling value proposition that's targeted at your buyers' needs
  • Conduct advanced sales dialogue to uncover the most pressing opportunities
  • Present engaging logistics solutions that deliver results and close the deal

Meet Your Instructors

laboda-black-transparentSara Black and Holly LaBoda are Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, specializing in organizational learning, strategy, and change. Separately, they have shaped organizational strategy, enhanced skill sets and improved performance of leading organizations such as C.H. Robinson, Emirates Group, Land O’Lakes, and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Together, they leverage their unique experience and skillset to partner with organizations looking to improve their capabilities and results.

Price: $299.00

“Impressive skill-building that’s relevant to the transportation and logistics industry.”

“Great information and informative presenters.” 

Participants have access to the course materials and any content updates for one year!

Questions? Contact Holly LaBoda at 612-669-6762 or email





“I had a great experience taking a course last year through TMSA and Luminaries Consulting. Sara and Holly bring an abundance of knowledge and guidance, specifically in the transportation industry. It’s always positive when you’re able to leave a course with a few additional tools in your toolbelt. I look forward to signing up for more courses with Luminaries Consulting in the future.”

- Ryan Hickey, Director of Client Solutions, LeSaint Logistics





“Accelerating Virtual Sales Success is the second training opportunity we have had to work with Logistics Sales Academy and Luminaries Consulting. The ability to participate in industry-specific training is an important factor to us, and one we feel makes the training more immediately impactful. This is exactly what we found in this training series. The sign of effective training is when your team is recounting what they learned, how they applied it, and how it helped them win business well beyond the training period. We are fortunate to be experiencing just that since our team took the "Accelerating Virtual Sales Success" course."

- Gary Cornelius, VP of Business Development, TCW