This is your chance to get free consulting! Spend time with a sponsor who provides the types of products and services you need most at your company, all while walking around the beautiful Gaylord Atrium. Or you can join some of TMSA's most prominent members that will welcome new members, discuss the new TMSA awards program and more. 

Walk + Talk Topics:

1. 5Tool Productions' Kyle MacNaught will talk about all these video production and answer the following questions:

  • How can we capture client testimonials in video format?
  • What are the best equipment, platforms, and tools to use based off the content goals?
  • Brainstorm video ideas and how to execute on them.

Want to book a call with Kyle? Here's his calendar link


2. Skykit's Mike Foster will discuss digital signage and answer the following questions:

  • How to keep employees connected in a new world of hybrid work environments
  • How do you alleviate the return to office struggles with hybrid and in-office employees?
  • How to communicate easily with employees - regardless of tethered status?
  • How to prepare for a workplace with no email?

Want to book a call with Mike? Here's his calendar link


3. Luminaries Consulting's Holly LaBoda will answer questions about sales training, including:

  • What can I address the top challenges my team is currently facing?
  • How can I evolve my sales strategy to meet my changing goals/the market?
  • What are some best practices to get the most ROI from sales training?


4. Sol de Naples' Jill Schmieg will talk about content and digital marketing and answer the following questions:

  • What's the best way to repurpose content for different platforms?
  • What are some strategies to measure ROI on content?
  • What’s the difference between lead generation content and brand awareness content?
  • What are the three biggest success factors for email content?


5. Drop & Hook's Michelle LeBlanc will discuss all things social media and answer the following questions:

  • Do paid and organic social work together?
  • Should they?
  • Why or why not and how?
  • Should my brand have a TikTok?


6. Hubtek's Andrew Gulovsen will discuss all the things you should ask our current or potential nearshore staffing provider, including:

  • Can I work with multiple providers to diversify my vendors and compare KPIs?
  • What happens if our US based team is not satisfied with one of our nearshore employees?
  • Am I tied to a contract or a minimum time?
  • What are the tools available to measure their KPIs?


7. Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Bethany Chambers will discuss tips and tricks for content marketing, and will answer these questions:

  • How do you get ROI from social media efforts?
  • How do you keep your website fresh?


8. Luminaries Consulting's Sara Black will chat about all these talent development, including:

  • How do I accelerate the ramp up period for new employees?
  • How do I leverage development as an engagement & retention strategy?


9. BlueGrace Logistics' Mark Derks will answer questions about the following topics:

  • Career and Mentorship
  • Leadership
  • Conversations between Sales and Marketing Leaders


Not interested in going on a walk, but still want to gain some valuable conversation? Check out these other options:

1. New to TMSA and looking for some more information? Join Saddle Creek Logistics' Tom Collins and TCW's Gary Cornelius for a "TMSA Rookies Unite!" discussion to get the most out of your membership and TMSA Conference.

2. Need a stretch break? Dr. Mark Manera, founder of the The Trucking Fitness Company, will answer questions about health and nutrition, and give a few tips on the best stretches to do at a conference.

3. Are you a VP level or above? Play an active role in helping TMSA shape our content dedicated to you and your team in this focus-group style room with TMSA Executive Director Jennifer Karpus-Romain. 

4. Have you been hearing about the TMSA Trailblazers and want to know what it takes? Join TMSA Recognition Chair Courtney Keenan as she explains TMSA's premier and modernized awards program.