Too good to be true? Even possible at all? That’s what Conrad Winter said when TMSA’s Education Committee asked him to present on this topic! But wait – dare to dream for a moment longer. If you really only had one hour, what content could you create? How would you do it. And could it be considered “killer?” Get answers to these questions and make it your reality in this session, where you’ll learn fast, savvy and smart tricks of the trade to quickly develop powerful, relevant content. As a self-described long-format content writer who never thinks he’s writing fast enough, Conrad Winter will lead you through some thought-provoking methods, tips and techniques useful for any content, communications or marketing role.


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    Conrad Winter

    Transportation and Logistics Copywriter

    Conrad Winter loves business-to-business copywriting. He says it gives him a chance to immerse himself in categories and brands he finds fascinating. Because of his background, Conrad can bring an agency style of working and writing to your website, email campaigns, videos, ads, brochures, case studies, and, well, everything. His experience at ad agencies taught him a process that’s equal measures strategic, creative and customer-centric. Conrad Winter has 25-plus years experience in content development for a wide range of organizations in transportation, such as Maersk Line (the world’s largest ocean carrier), SeaLand Shipping Line, the New York Shipping Exchange, Navistar Trucks, Grainger Industrial Supply , and Eaton Truck Parts. Winter holds a BBA in Business from Loyola Marymount University and is a TMSA Affiliate member who also serves on the TMSA Education Committee.