For the first time in history, five distinct generations Traditionals, Boomers, Xers, Millennials and iGen (aka, linksters) are working side by side. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views on how the workplace should function, these generations can stir up conflict, turnover, the lack of engagement, and frustration. Meagan Johnson teaches how each generation developed its values (she refers to values as signposts) and how they creep into the workplace. Each generation holds fast to its signposts so it's important to understand and respect them. She'll cover:

  • Who the five working generations are and the characteristics of each.
  • Generational signposts and how they determine how different generations think, behave and are motivated.
  • The ways they communicate and can work together in an effort to have a more positive productive workplace.

Meagan JohnsonBW

Presented by Meagan Johnson, Professional Speaker, Author and Owner of Meagan Johnson Inc.

Educating through entainment since 1998, Meagan is known as a "Generational Humorist" and challenges her audiences to think differently and act decisively when dealing with multiple genenations. Meagan has worked with a variety of organizations and associations to build multi-generational effective relationships, influence company loyalty, standards of quality, and attitudes toward customers and coworkers. Meagan challenges her audiences to think differently when dealing with multiple generations. Meagan and her Baby Boomer father, Larry Johnson are the authors of Generations, Inc - From Boomers to Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work.